XNova Motors USA was started in mid-2018 as a joint venture between BK Hobbies and Amain Hobbies with the main goal being to better support XNova customers here in the United States! We will also be providing consistent stock, excellent customer service, event support throughout the USA as well as supporting any current and new dealers that are selling XNova Motors. XNova Motors USA will be operating out of Eustis, FL as well as Chico, CA, being able to ship to anywhere in the USA incredibly fast!

Backed and promoted by many of the world’s best pilots such as Bert Kammerer, Kyle Stacy, Jason Bell, Leon Luke and many more!

Stay tuned for pictures, videos, tech tips, announcements and more coming soon!

  • QUALITY 100% 100%
  • POWER 100% 100%
  • PERFORMANCE 100% 100%